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Now that you have found Vip Essay Service, you have all of the help you need for whatever you need. From high school essays through Ph.D. dissertations, and everything in between, we can offer any type of academic writing or other help you need. Here is a breakdown of all that we provide.

Essay Writing

Whether you are in a high school English class or a graduate level course, there will be essay assignments. Essay writing can be pretty frustrating if you are challenged by academic writing. There are at least five types of essays that students may be assigned – descriptive, narrative, comparison/contrast, rhetorical, persuasive. While many are assigned in English classes, others may be assigned in a variety of other courses too. To produce a proper essay, you will need to select a topic, develop a solid thesis statement, and then support that thesis with well-organized paragraphs, good transitions, and a compelling conclusion. If you struggle with essays, help is available at Vip Essay Service. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Research Paper Writing

Research papers take a bit more than essays. Not only must you select a topic, but you must then narrow that topic and conduct research using appropriate resources, depending on your academic level. Research and term paper writing is more complex because the topics are. And your thesis statement will be more complex as well. Synthesizing the research, organizing the sub-topics, and carefully citing your references are just a few of the issues as you produce these pieces. Help is on the way in the form of a topic area expert at Vip Essay Service. Just complete the order form and we will do the rest.

Dissertation Writing

Ah, that dissertation. 12-18 months of stress, frustration and continued challenges. It is easy to become discouraged as you slog through each and every step – from topic selection, research question, the proposal, and each and every chapter. Whether you are struggling with that proposal, the literature review, your research design/methodology, or the statistical analysis of your data, Vip Essay Service can provide you with a Ph.D. consultant in your research field. You can order up as little or as much assistance as you need, throughout the process, working directly with your consultant.

Thesis Writing

Like a dissertation, thesis writing will take a lot of time, commitment, and, yes, frustration. You also have to develop a research questions and form a hypothesis which must be approved by your advisor. If you are writing it for a Master’s degree, your proposal and all of your progress must be reported to your advisor. If you are writing a Ph.D. thesis, of course, you will have an entire committee which must approve the final product before you receive that degree. The sections or chapters are much like those of a dissertation, and any one of them can be a major challenge. Rather than live with the struggle and perhaps miss a deadline you have established with your advisor, get in touch with us and acquire a personal Ph.D. researcher/writer to help you. We will assign a scholar in your research field, and you will collaborate directly with him/her throughout the process. You will approve of anything your consultant produces before his/her work is considered finalized.


This is one of the most common requests we receive, especially from grad students working on major or culminating projects. While many students attempt to edit and proofread their own work, it is always best to have an objective, second “set of eyes” to review an important piece of writing that must be submitted for a grade or approval. Whether it is a basic essay or a dissertation, our editing service consists of English and field-area specialists who are ready to review your piece for structure, fluency, coherency, and, of course grammar and mechanics. All recommended changes will be provided to you for approval, and you will ultimately have a fully polished piece to submit.

Homework Help

Students who are involved in STEM coursework, especially at the upper levels, face calculation, modeling projects, and problem research that can be overwhelming. We have Ph.D. mathematicians and scientists who have worked with many students on such projects and can certainly help you as well. Simply place your order, upload your problem or project, and ask for the help you need. We work amazingly fast, and confidentiality is guaranteed.

Resumes, CV’s, Cover Letters

Whether you are graduating and looking for your first career position, or already in your career and looking for a change, you will find that we have an entire department of specialists for those resumes, CV’s and cover letters. These documents must be customized for each position for which you are applying, and that is what our pros do best. We will research the organizations to which you wish to apply and craft the perfect resume, with the right keywords, to match both the position and the organization’s “culture.” The same goes for cover letters. We have an exceptional success rate with our clients landing those critical interviews from the documents we produce. You will be thrilled with the results of our professional job seeking services.

Vip Essay Service wants to be your “one-stop” place for any academic or professional research, writing, or editing needs. We have the expertise, the policies, and the processes in place, guaranteeing that you get exactly the type of help you need, on time, and with full privacy. Contact us today, and let us go to work for you.