Ambivalence. That is the one way to describe most Ph.D. students’ attitudes toward their dissertations. First, they realize that they are at the end of the road, with just one more major hurdle to jump over; second, they are excited to be in charge of an original research project that will contribute to their academic field; third, they know they have pretty grueling 12-18 months ahead of them. And if they are to believe those who have already been through this, they know they are facing some hard times ahead.

Using a dissertation writing service may not be on your radar at this point, but we want you to know that when you face those struggles and challenges, we are here for any or all of the help you may need. We don’t want you be part of the attrition statistics – those Ph.D. candidates who remain ABD (all-but-dissertation) because they have never finished those dissertations.

In the meantime, here are some key pieces of advice that we have accumulated over many years of providing help with dissertation writing.

Don’t Procrastinate

You have a schedule. You had to develop one during your proposal process. It’s so easy to let it slide and take some lengthy breaks. Just don’t do it. A dissertation requires steady, regular work. If you don’t commit to that, it will be just that much harder to return to the work after those long breaks.

The First Step – Identifying that Research Question

The most important advice with regard to your focus of research is to be certain that it is something in which you have an abiding interest. Your advisor, some professors, and even those who will be serving on your committee may have their “pet” ideas for you. Stand your ground. This is your research, and this is your time and energy.

One you have the research identified, it must be stated in a scholarly, formal way. If you are challenged by this, let us know. We’ll be happy to assign a Ph.D. in your field to help you polish it.

Reliability and Validity of the Own Race Bias Effect
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That Pesky Proposal

We call proposals “pesky,” because it can be a trial to get one approved by an advisor and each committee member. They will have suggestions and recommendations. They will want you to modify and re-write some parts of it. Be flexible to a point, but do not make substantive changes to what you intend to do for research.

It is rare that a proposal is approved the first time it hits that committee. But your chances are far better if you do the following:

  • Make certain you understand every detail of your department’s guidelines. While most proposals follow the same general pattern, there are sometimes small unique requirements. If you don’t understand anything, be sure to ask.

  • Check with your advisor as you finish sections of your proposal – better to make revisions before the final piece is presented to your committee.

Part of our custom dissertations service is to help students get those proposals in shape and polished. Each section is critical – from the statement of your research question, to your initial literature review, through your methodology description and the explanation of how you will demonstrate statistical significance. And one of the most important aspects of this proposal is a strong justification of its importance to your academic field. If you find that you need help with this first important phase, get in touch. You cannot move forward until it is approved.


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The Work Begins

Once that proposal is approved, you can begin. Depending on your institution and/or department, you will be crafting four or five chapters, but what is included will be the same – just organized a bit differently. Here is another important piece of advice: do not get bogged down in your literature review. You have done enough initial review and you have your methodology ready to be implemented. Do your research while you are working on that literature review – this will provide enough variety so that you will not lose motivation.

Many students do come to us for help with the literature review. They are afraid that they may miss an important piece of research or that they will include some that may not be closely relevant enough to be cited. And this is where a personal Ph.D. from VIP Essay can be valuable – s/he will be totally “current” on the research and can provide a list of those closely aligned studies and/or help with the actual writeup for that chapter.

Other common requests are in the areas of presenting the gathered data in both prose and visual ways, especially when charts and graphs must be created. The same holds true for the analysis of that data in the discussion section or chapter. Proper and scholarly presentation and analysis allow the reader to understand exactly what you did and its significance. Do not take chances with your presentations – they are the “meat” of your research. If you have any concerns or issues, just let us know.

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The Final Piece

Of course, your final work will include an introduction and a conclusion. These can be tricky to produce. Your introduction must engage the reader and motivate him/her to read further, without giving away too much at the start. The conclusion must do a number of things – state the significance of your results, point out constraints and nuisance factors, and point out any nuisance factors which may have skewed the results in any way. Also of importance is to make recommendations for further research.

Again, we do not want Ph.D. candidates to contact us and just say, “Write my dissertation.” That’s not what we are here for. And any writing service that claims you can simply buy dissertation works in total from them is a fraud – do not ever use such a service.

You Need the Best Dissertation Writing Services

The best services will provide professional and expert help – they will help you through the process; they will ensure that each section or chapter is well-written and scholarly. And this is exactly what VIP Essay will do for you. You will get confidential expert help from a Ph.D. in your field, and you will collaborate with that expert until you have exactly what you need.

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