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You want good grades. And if you are a grad student working on a thesis or dissertation, you want the final piece approved the first time it hits your advisor and/or committee. While it may not seem quite fair, a biology essay or research paper will be judged not just on content, but on your structure, grammar and mechanics too.

Instructors are human, after all. And when they have to wade through English composition errors to get the point of your essay or paper, they become irritated. And irritation will lead to lower grades. And they can also be sticklers for formatting details. The point is this: you need to be certain that whatever piece of writing you submit, you have made certain that all of the “irritants” have been removed.

Don’t Rely on Yourself

Here’s the thing. If you have slaved over an essay, paper, book review, or any other type of writing assignment, you are too familiar with it. And you are emotionally invested in it too. If you try to complete the editing and proofreading yourself, you are going to miss errors, even glaring ones. While there are some “tricks” that you may have tried (like reading it backwards), they tend not to work well.

If you want a fully polished piece of writing, whether a one-page essay or a 180-page dissertation, you will want to use our editing services. And here’s why.

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How Vep Essay Services Handles Editing and Proofreading

Editing and proofreading are two separate functions. And so, every piece that is submitted to us for a full edit receives two reviews by our professional editing staff.

The Editing Process

Editing relates to more general compositional features of a piece. Your personally assigned editor will look at all of the following:

  • General organizational structure. Do you have a solid thesis statement in your introduction, and does the rest of the work support that thesis statement in a well-developed manner? Are paragraphs structured correctly – each one developing a topic sentence with supporting detail, and effective transitions between each one?

  • Fluency and Coherency. Is there a logical flow to your piece? Does one idea flow smoothly into the next?

  • Sentence structure. Is there sufficient variety in sentence type and length? Are there any fragments or run-ons that need to be fixed?

As your editor reviews your piece, s/he will communicate directly with you, making suggestions and recommendations. Nothing will be changed without your approval, of course, but be aware that our editors are experts in what they do, and their suggestions should be taken seriously. It’s easy to become defensive, but fight that urge. Your goal is a good grade.

If you are a grad student and seeking editing on a major research piece, you will be given an editor in that research field. We understand the importance of having both an expert your field, who is familiar with the terminology and the research, but who is also an expert in formal, scholarly English composition.


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The Proofreading Process

Once your piece has been through the editing process, it will undergo a proofread. This is a check for all of those pesky details that are very common errors – punctuation, end marks, and sometimes word usage.

This process will also include our formatting services. Obviously, there are formatting tools for citation entries, and these are great to use. But there is more to formatting than citations – margins, headings, pagination, etc. Your proofreader will ensure that your format is exactly according to the latest style guides or to your instructor’s specified directives.

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Our Guarantees

We are so certain that you will be thrilled with our essay editing services that we can guarantee the following:

  • You may ask for as many re-reviews as you wish.

  • Your instructor will not find any structural, paragraphing, fluency, or mechanical errors in your piece

  • We will not change the substance of your work – we are here to polish it.

  • Our work for our clients is completely confidential and we never share personal information about our clients to any third party.


Pricing is based upon the length and complexity of the piece and the deadline urgency. Obviously, a research paper will cost more than a basic essay and less than a thesis. In all cases, however, you will find our pricing extremely reasonable for the results you will get.

We urge you get in touch with us for your editing and proofreading needs. You will see the results in the grades you get.


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