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One of the paper writing services that we are proud to offer is term paper writing and editing. While this type of assignment is less common these days, we still receive frequent requests for help with term papers.

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What Are Term Papers?

A term paper is a writing assignment that students are given to ensure that they have mastered the material covered over the course of a semester or term. In many cases, you will receive your term paper assignment at the beginning of the semester, and it will be due at the end of the semester. In other cases, it will be assigned at the end of the semester and may even act as the final exam. Sometimes, term papers and essays are used interchangeably. In any case, we are happy to help with these assignments.

Who Uses Term Paper Services?

There’s a myth that people who ask for writing assistance are lazy or they don’t care about academics. This is untrue. Our clients are busy hardworking students. Many have work and family to contend with on top of their school work. They come to VIP Essay Service to help ensure that they succeed academically while meeting their other responsibilities.

We Rise Above Other Paper Writing Services

No matter what products or services you order, you can always expect excellence from us. We believe in treating customers fairly, and helping students build the skills they need to become excellent learners. More importantly, we seek to help you develop critical thinking skills that will benefit you for life.

Other writing services won’t do those things for you. They simply want to sell you a paper. Our customer service and quality writing proves we truly care.

All About Our Writers

We take the time to carefully recruit great writers. Then, once we get them on our team we compensate them well and treat them fairly. However, it isn’t easy to become a VIP Essay Service writer. We insist that all of our writers have advanced degrees. This means a Masters degree or its equivalent at a bare minimum.

After we accept a writer’s application, we conduct a full background test to verify their education and employment history. They  must have writing experience in addition to field experience. We also issue writers a test to ensure that they meet our quality standards, and that they are native English speakers. Finally, we have created a training program to ensure that your writer can help you no matter how advanced or urgent your assignment is.

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  • Urgency 14 days
  • Academic level Senior (College 4th year)
  • Subject
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What You Can Expect

If you’ve never used this kind of service before, you may be feeling a bit  nervous.

Relax, we can tell you exactly how this works and what you can expect!

The first thing you will do is place your order. We’ll explain that in detail below. Once we receive your order, we will take a look at your requirements. Then we’ll select the perfect writer to work with you.

Your writer will be in contact with you. They’ll discuss what you’re having trouble with, and what you want to learn more about the writing process. You can also contact them with questions or to ask for a status update.

When your paper is finished, you will receive a message. If you like it, it’s yours to keep. If not, we are happy to revise it. In any case you’ll get a great paper that is completely original and customized to your needs. We’ll even include the citations.

Term Paper Prices And Payment

Our prices vary. However, we always charge by the page, with any extras being added on to the final price. Prices are determined by length of assignment, complexity, and due date. We accept PayPal as form of payment that is safe and easy for all involved. We’re also happy to offer several discounts to make paying for our services just a bit easier.


Outline $4.99
Unlimited revisions $23.99
Heading page $4.99
Reference page $12.99
Paper formatting $7.99
Plagiarism report $15.99
Save $70.94 now

Term Paper Guarantees

Here are our term paper guarantees:

  • Your paper will be original and created according to your order.

  • We will deliver your term paper on time.

  • If you are not satisfied, we will revise your paper until you are.

  • We will thoroughly edit and proofread your paper.

Don’t Buy Term Papers From Cheap Websites

Sometimes our visitors will tell us that other companies are considerably cheaper than us. This is a true statement. However, we are actually proud that we charge a bit more than some others.

First, we can tell you that cheap writing services nearly always have some catch or problem. There’s an old saying, ‘cheap, fast, and high-quality - pick two!’ When it comes to academic writing, this old saying is absolutely true. If you pay exceptionally low prices, you’re going to lose out on quality or fast delivery time. We charge a bit more so that you can be confident in the product you receive. We also include extras. Use a cheap writing service, and you may receive a late paper, one that isn’t original, a poorly written paper, or perhaps no paper at all.

No other writing service is here to help you become a better student!

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How to Place an Order

To place an order, please click the order button from any page on our website. We’ve made our order form very easy to fill out. You just have to provide us with some very basic information about yourself. This is so we can contact you. Then, just give us the details of your order and pay. We will take things from there!

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You already know what to do, so let’s get started. Fill out an order form or give us a call. If you have questions or comments, we are available 24/7 with live support agents ready to help you.

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